Dozior branded product range includes but not limited to commercial plywood, water proof (BWR) plywood, marine grade plywood, fire retardant plywood, water proof block boards, wood veneers (natural, smoked, rough cut, sawn, plank matched, dyed & designer), flush doors, designer flush doors, shuttering plywood, film faced plywood, fabric faced plywood, MDF (E-0, E-1 & E-2 Certified), Armour Core, Plywood, Flexible Plywood, flexible wood veneers, fleece backed wood veneers, coloured MDF (E-1 certified), seasoned timber (pine, teak, white oak, red oak, white ash etc), laminated wooden flooring, natural wood flooring, bison boards, cement fiber boards, edge banding, decking etc.
All plywoods bind resin and wood fibre sheets (cellulose cells are long, strong and thin) to form a composite material. This alternation of the grain is called cross-graining and has several important benefits: it reduces the tendency of wood to split when nailed in at the edges; it reduces expansion and shrinkage, providing improved dimensional stability; and it makes the strength of the panel consistent across all directions. There is usually an odd number of plies, so that the sheet is balanced - this reduces warping. Because plywood is bonded with grains running against one another and with an odd number of composite parts, it is very hard to bend it perpendicular to the grain direction of the surface ply.

Our USPs

Unique GLP formula makes every ply borer and termite proof

More number of plies for added strength

Warp resistant plywood which maintains its original shape over the years

Borer And Termite Proof